We welcome you to Rashtriya Gramin Jan Vikas Yojana.

By choosing to become a member of our organization and make a donation you agree to the terms and conditions given on

REFUND, RETURN, CANCELLATION & DISTRIBUTION POLICY (for donations received by NGOs using our services)

Any contribution made by an individual to Rashtriya Gramin Jan Vikas Yojana is for a specific purpose for a specific NGO and should not be construed as an investment in any form. ONLY FOR CHARITY PURPOSES

Rashtriya Gramin Jan Vikas Yojana helps NGOs to collect donations and the donations are non- refundable. Hence there is no refund or return policy.

Donations are by their very nature non-refundable and the transaction is complete once the donation is made.


You make a contribution to the NGO with social impact projects or people as the primary purpose. You understand that this contribution is not for the purchase of any goods or services. Therefore, contributions once approved by online donation will be given to the POOR STUDENT you wanted to donate to, and hence cannot be refunded or cancelled.

If the NGO loses the statutory requirements necessary to accept donations, the NGO will be responsible to inform us immediately. Any donation made to the NGO as on the date on which the NGO loses statutory approval and not yet paid to the NGO will be refunded to the donor for recourse to the NGO for refund or otherwise. Rashtriya Gramin Jan Vikas Yojana will not be liable for any money donated by the donor and transferred to the concerned NGO. We reserve the right to take legal action against the NGO for not informing/late informing us about the loss of approval for any loss or liability incurred by us.

Refund Policy of Our Fees, Subscription Fees and Other Charges

The per transaction service fee payable by the NGO (and any applicable taxes) will be deducted by us from the payment due to the NGO in respect of each completed transaction. The applicable service fee has been negotiated with the NGO and the NGO has agreed to the same in the documents submitted to us.

The service fee charged by us in respect of the confirmed DONATION / FEES will not be refunded or reimbursed to the NGO or any other person.

The annual subscription fee charged from the NGO is YOU DONATE EVERY DAY, EVERY WEEK, EVERY MONTH AND EVERY YEARS