Term And Conditions

1. Any decision or action can be taken by RGJVY.
2. There May Be Difficulties related to the call centre, you can give suggestions for whatever trouble you may have do not complain.
3. It may taken time to call or send messages in the call centre and difficulties can also be done.
4.The medium of conversation between you and us will be only from the call centre or the message, through this medium only you will get the information.
5. Any new plans or suggestion will be conveyed to you through message or promotion.
6. Regarding the request/complaint of any businessman, you Donation Card can be cancelled at any point of time without information from RGJVY Trust.
7. Donation Card will be recognised for 1 year After 1 year the card will be renewed.
8. Any terms and condition can change by time RGJVY Trust.
9. Donation Card will be valid only on shops and outlets which is connected to RGJVY.
10. We will try to give you full service satisfaction but in case fell any Discomfort or loss, his will not be responsible for RGJVY.
11. You will have to come to office on time and do your work responsibly. And if RGJVY suffers any loss due to your activities, you will have to compensate for it.
12. If you need leave, you will have to inform RGJVY four days in advance and give an e-mail or application.
13. If you leave without informing/suddenly, it will be considered as two days leave in the office and appropriate action will also be taken by RGJVY.
14. If you do not work on time in RGJVY or do not reach office on time, then RGJVY will give you half day leave on that day and even if you are late by more than 20 minutes, you will have half day leave.
15. If you are found doing any kind of work against RGJVY, then appropriate action will be taken by RGJVY and legal action will also be taken.
16. If you want to leave the membership, you will have to apply to RGJVY one month in advance. If you do not do this then RGJVY will deduct the amount of last month payment and can also take legal action against you.
17. If you become a member of RGJVY by giving any wrong or fake certificates or address and identity card, then RGJVY will take legal action against you.
18. If you are found misbehaving in any way while working for RGJVY, RGJVY can expel you at any time and can also take legal action.
19. You have to complete your work. If your work is not completed then you will be given assistance amount according to the work.
20. From the security point of view of RGJVY, you will have to give two neighbors as guarantors and original certificates. When you need original certificate you can get it from RGJVY. Or you can also get its photo copied.
21. Delhi court will have jurisdiction only for any legal dispute.
22. Donation are not refundable.
23. I have understood all the Terms & Conditions by reading, listening and seeing them. I accept all the Terms & Conditions of RGJVY and will follow all its rules. If I do not fulfill its Terms & Conditions, RGJVY may take appropriate legal action. And I myself will be responsible for these.