ABOUT Rashtriya Gramin Jan Vikas Yojna

RASHTRIYA GRAMIN JAN VIKAS YOJNA is an NGO focused on providing solutions which will make a significant difference in the lives of the very poor.The primary goal of RASHTRIYA GRAMIN JAN VIKAS YOJNA is to provide financial help to the economically disabled students who excel in academics and have a strong desire in pursuing higher education, with no bar on their caste, religion or gender. TO provide unfortunate and poor children good education, Which also fulfills our indian cultural values.We are running two projects to raise the funds

MDC CARD NATIONAL PROJECT is an initiative against ever rising Corruption, Inflation and dishonesty. So that with the help of MDC people can get the awareness of the right options, right information, right products and right services and as a result of it financial gain and providing discount on every purchase. At MDC Benefit for eveyone is guranteed.. whether shopkeeper, member.